More inside. More for you.


With your personal VIP-chip bracelet, you can move around flexibly, easily and without cash during your stay in the Caracalla Spa and in the Friedrichsbad and use all offers spontaneously.

  • The VIP chip is transferable and can be used by several people.

  • Your advantages at a glance: Use the special VIP entrance without having to queue at the entry.

  • You park for the first three hours free of charge in our premises.

  • Furthermore, you will no longer need a parking ticket - simply hold your chip to the terminal when entering and leaving!

  • Safer than cash: Report the loss of your VIP-chip to us immediately and your credit balance is not lost!

  • Invite your friends: At the checkout, your companion will also pay the reduced price via your VIP chip.

And the best:

You have all these advantages without paying more for them. On the contrary. You will receive the following discount depending on the amount you of the booking on the VIP-chip:

  • at 100.- euro 13 % in the Caracalla Therme 18 % in the Friedrichsbad
  • at 200.- euro 15 % in the Caracalla Therme 20 % in the Friedrichsbad
  • at 500.- euro 17 % in the Caracalla Therme 22 % in the Friedrichsbad

You will receive your personal VIP-chip (plus 5.- euro deposit) at the Caracalla spa and in the Friedrichsbad or in the online shop.

For further information call +49 7221 / 27 59-40.