Roman bath ruins

Tracing the past.

Roman bath ruins

As if the ancient Roman bathing culture has been brought back to life.

Roman bath ruins

Fantastically preserved and Germany’s oldest Roman bath ruins.

Roman bath ruins

Temporary closed!

The first bathing facilities were erected by the Romans in the then named town of Aquae Aureliae. One of these baths, the so-called Soldiers' Bath, is to be found beneath today's Friedrichsbad.

A visit to the ruins is a fascinating step back in time when a long forgotten age can be experienced at close quarters. On touring the fantastically preserved baths and Roman walls, you will experience more than 2000 years of history.

A visit to the Roman bath ruins:

  • Museum and exhibition area
  • Computer and video animation of the original baths
  • Audio guide available in several languages (included in the price)

Opening times: 16 Mar - 15 Nov: daily, 11am - 12 noon & 3pm - 4pm
16 Nov - 15 Mar: closed
(Admission for groups on request)

Further information on +49 (0) 7221 / 27 59-34.

Please note, it is prohibited to take pictures of the Roman bath ruins.

Adult single pass
2,50 €
Child single pass (up to 14 years)
1,00 €
Tours (max. 25 people)
30,00 €
Führungen (max. 25 Pers.)
30,00 €