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about the Friedrichsbad

The most beautiful place way to your inner self!

Treat yourself to a touch of luxury with a visit in the Friedrichsbad. Enjoy a fascinating journey to inner harmony and total relaxation! Discover the luxury of warmth and silence by enjoying a more than 145-year-old tradition in the fantastic ambiance of the Friedrichsbad.

The perfectly timed sequence of dry warm and hot air and gentle warmth in our steam baths warms your body through and through. Then, our thermal water pools with their different temperatures gently lower your core body temperature again, making you feel utterly refreshed and rejuvenated. The experience culminates with being gently wrapped in a preheated sheet so you can experience rest and rejuvenation in its purest form and achieve a state of complete relaxation.

Immerse yourself in this total work of art and experience its lasting effect on the senses. This is about so much more than “just“ a spa bath: It is about total indulgence and utter relaxation. It is about you – your body, your soul, your spirit, and about cleansing, regeneration and relaxation. Let yourself float off effortlessly and experience the wonderful feeling of finding inner peace.

All of our stations are available to our guests - unfortunately, due to the current staff shortage, we are currently unable to offer the soap brush massage. We ask for your understanding.

No restrictions due to energy-saving measures

At the foot of the Florentinerberg in Baden-Baden there are twelve individual springs which rise artesically (due to the pressure of the earth's masses) from a depth of 1,200 - 1,800 m to the surface at a temperature of between 56°C - 68.8°C. Energy is not required for pumping or heating the water. There is no need to use energy to pump or heat the water. Therefore, we can still offer pleasantly warm pool temperatures.