Take time for yourself.

Take a portion of relaxation, combine with some soothing thermal water and season with plenty of time for complete personal well-being... Look forward to our wide range of specials for your very own wellness day. Towels and drinks as well as a bathrobe and bathing shoes are provided.

Intensive Peeling*

Come with us on a fascinating 25-minute journey through distant Japan! During the Bhihada (beautiful skin) intensive peeling, taking place in the Caracalla Spa's Wellness Lounge, you will experience body cleansing, a peeling and a skin care treatment all combined into one. After, the circulation in your skin will receive a real boost, your complexion will be refined and you will feel fresh and thoroughly relaxed.

Bhihada Intensive Peeling
25 mins
38,00 €

Soap lather massage*

Gentle movements combined with the warm soap suds then loosen tense muscles. Escape from daily life in a very special way. First you will receive a full body peeling using a special Kessa peeling glove than enables even the smallest of dead skin cells to be removed, preparing your skin perfectly for the soap lather massage that follows. In impressive fashion, the lather bag is swirled through the air in order to create the lather before your body is encased with the warm, comforting suds. Tired and strained muscles are then slowly loosened thanks to the combination of gentle massaging movements and the airy lather.

Soap lather massage
25 min
38,00 €

Time to dream

Beauty is much more than only appearance - mental well-being and internal equilibrium reflect beauty. Take time for yourself, enjoy a primrose oil bath and pamper yourself with an internal and external beauty treatment. Combined with a relaxing massage, it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Time to dream
50 mins
70,00 €

Little break

The ultimate beauty program guaranteed to make you feel a deep sense of wellbeing. Treat yourself to an indulgent break and enjoy total pampering. The exfoliating body peeling gently removes excess keratinization and leaves skin feeling soft to the touch. It is followed by a classic back massage that not only relieves tense muscles, but also leaves you feeling invigorated and refreshed. A facial treatment completes the experience, allowing you to let go and experience pure relaxation. 110 minutes of quality time just for you - because you deserve it!

Little break
110 mins
125,00 €

* These treatments are only available in the Caracalla Spa's WellnessLounge. An entry ticket to the spa must also be purchased.

Please note:

  • Treatments are available with and without admission to the thermal baths. If you combine your wellness appointment with a bathing visit, an additional entrance fee is required.

  • All prices include Tax.