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All prices of the following applications are per person.

Facial Shiatsu

Shiatsu, the traditional Japanese acupressure does not only relax your body and your spirit, it also gives you new energy. Face Shiatsu concentrates on the meridians on your head and releases blockades in your meridians under gentle thumb's pressure. The life energy Chi will be activated and you will feel fit and energetic.

Facial Shiatsu
25 min
38,00 €

Arabian Nights

Pantai Luar means "at new shores" - you can also start out to new shores with this treatment originating from Asia and you will experience an exotic and unforgettable sense of well-being. At first you will sense the wonderfully worm and exotic aroma of the oil, which will be rubbed into your body. After that it gets hot: your skin will get tightened with hot herbal stamps and a special massage technique and at the same time your blood circulation will be activated. Pamper yourself with a Pantai Luar treatment which is a very special relaxing experience and is has been known for several hundred years.

Arabian Nights
50 min
85,00 €

Symphony of aromas

Fragrances have been proven to be beneficial to the body's inner equilibrum. Gentle massages are the perfect complement to the invigorating and/or relaxing effect of essential oils. Let an aromatic massage whisk you away to the fascinating world of harmony-boosting fragrances and experience an unsurpassed sense of wellbeing for body, spirit and soul.

Symphony of aromas
70 min
90,00 €

* These treatments are only available in the Caracalla Spa's WellnessLounge. An entry ticket to the spa must also be purchased.

Please note:

  • Treatments are available with and without admission to the thermal baths. If you combine your wellness appointment with a bathing visit, an additional entrance fee is required.

  • All prices include Tax.
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