Saunas & more

The different sauna infusions are responsible for the special experiences you will encounter in our saunas.

Having a sauna in the Caracalla Spa is not just a load of hot air.

Variety and the special sauna experiences are provided by the different infusion programmes in four of the seven saunas. We'll make you sweat - whether automatically or through the actions of our sauna attendant.

The sauna bar at the heart of the Roman-styled sauna complex offers relaxation and refreshments in a beautiful atmosphere. Treat yourself while you are here.


The Sauna Bar is ideal for short breaks between stints in the sauna. Hot or cold drinks satisfy the thirst while little nibbles offer a quick energy boost.

Our tip: try the freshly squeezed juices at the bar. They taste wonderful and are very healthy, too. Choose between carrot, orange or grapefruit juice - or simply order a combination of them all.

Infusion programme

Sauna infusions are part of the tradition of having a sauna. Water is poured over the hot stones on the sauna oven causing the humidity in the sauna to immediately rise. This stimulates the heat effect on the skin increasing perspiration.

Infusion programme
Correct sauna use

Here are our recommendations for having a sauna.


Four modern solariums in the bathing area and sauna complex provide for relaxed tanning whenever you want it.