Rest areas

Pure relaxation in our rest areas.

Having a sauna is relaxing and good for your health. To get the very best out of it, you should always treat yourself to a break between each stint in the sauna. Numerous resting options are open to you in the Caracalla Spa.

You can rest on the warm, terracotta loungers in the interior part of the sauna area, or in the modern Blue Space Sensory Room, or the Green Room with its view of Baden-Baden, or on the loungers in the picturesque castle gardens. The choice is yours.

Blue Space - the watery relaxation room

Enter a fascinating world of sensations! Magical timbres, blue lighting tones and gentle vibrations melt together to form a unique spatial experience. Relax on the illuminated beds and experience your inner self!

The special tones of BLUE SPACE not only expand within the room but touch your whole body. New loudspeaker technology has been built into the Blue Space loungers and is being used for the first time in a spa environment in Germany. You will be spellbound by this whole-body experience of hearing, feeling gentle warmth and watching the watery moire patterns on the ceiling.

The aim of this sensory room is to achieve a high quality of mental regeneration. Your senses will enjoy a dreamlike journey and you will discover many a new truth in the vast expanse of your own imagination.

Green Room

The Green Room invites you to experience a special kind of relaxation. Relax amidst natural elements and savour the magnificent view of Baden-Baden. The calming colour green together with pebbles, illuminated partitions and bamboo elements create a natural ambience. Here you will experience absolute silence, the perfect place for letting your imagination wander.