Bathing area

The oasis, with a wide-ranging choice of water areas and temperatures from 18 to 38°C, resembles an ancient temple and is renowned throughout the world for its variety and timeless elegance. Its thermal water activates, regenerates and relaxes the whole body.

Total water area: over 900 m²
Water depth: up to 1.35 m
Water temperature: 18°C - 38°C

Indoor pool

The large indoor pool underneath the impressive dome of the Caracalla Spa is the central element of the bathing area. Relax in the natural warm thermal water (34°C) and let yourself be pampered by the various attractions. The different massage jets knead your body from the shoulders to the feet. The neck showers release tensions further up. If you want to make yourself comfortable, sit down or lie back in the bubbly water.

All pools have a maximum depth of 1.35 metres.

Outdoor pools

The Caracalla Spa's two outdoor pools (large pool 32°C, small pool 35°C) offer fun and relaxation. Both marble pools are equipped with various attractions which will further increase your well-being: let yourself float in the water current, relax your muscles under the waterfall, the water mushroom or the massage jets and enjoy the two 38°C whirlpools. The spacious lawns with recliners invite you to sunbathe at your leisure.

A special highlight are the outdoor pools in wintertime. In spite of snow and cool air temperatures you can still relax outdoors in the warm thermal water. Steam hovers above the pools like a silver mist giving the outdoor area a mysterious atmosphere.

All pools have a maximum depth of 1.35 metres.

Hot and cold water grotto

Water is life! It's a natural cure that keeps you healthy and gives you strength. This was recognised more than 150 years ago by the priest Sebastian Kneipp. The change between cold and warm water played a major role for him.

Bathing in hot and cold baths does wonders for your health. Start with the 38°C hot water grotto (approx. 5 minutes) and refresh your body afterwards for 10-20 seconds in the 18°C cold water grotto. Ideally, this procedure should be repeated twice.

This will stimulate your circulation, accelerate your metabolism, improve the supply of energy to your cells and remove waste products faster. As a result, your well-being will increase dramatically and your body awareness will improve. In addition to this, your body's defences will increase strengthening you and your immune system.

Aroma Steam Room: 43°C

The Aroma Steam Room offers a very special fragrant experience. In contrast to the sauna, here you will enjoy an atmosphere of humid warmth instead of dry heat while wearing swimwear. At a temperature of 43°C, with a humidity of 100%, you will be able to relax completely and get away from it all.

Brine inhalation room

Here you will once again be able to fill your lungs with air. Taking slow, deep breaths in the steam of the natural brine will do wonders for your airways.

In the 28°C to 30°C brine inhalation room, natural brine trickles through blackthorn twigs creating a fine salty mist in the air. Natural minerals and also released. The natural effects of the brine develop when inhaled cleansing the mucous membranes. The steam with its salt content has an anti-inflammatory effect and dissolves mucus. More steam can be produced in the room by simply pressing a button.

Sittings of 10-20 minutes produce the best results. A cold shower to finish off has a wonderful effect.