TopVitality system

A training plan attuned exactly to your needs.

TopVitality system

With our unique TopVitality system, a training plan is drawn up for you that is attuned exactly to your main personal goal: keeping (or becoming) slim, firming your figure, strengthening your back or relieving stress. All of our comprehensive training steps and methods are focused specifically towards your own personal targets. Additional goals such as building up muscle or strengthening your cardiovascular system will normally be reached automatically.

To put this successfully into practice, you will receive continued instruction from our professional team of highly motivated sports instructors, physiotherapists and licensed trainers. We put our energy into your training success and provide for your personal fitness with repeated trainer appointments and regular tests. Everything is aimed at your success. And for a positive feeling when heading home after a hard work out.

InBody analysis

With the high-tech Inbody720 analyser, an outstanding device for body composition analysis is available to you. In fact, this state-of-the-art piece of apparatus is also used worldwide in the medical world for body composition diagnostics. It uses the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method and determines the composition of the body tissue by measuring the flow of electricity through it. This not only makes targeted and professional advice possible, but also the compilation of training and nutritional plans which can be specifically attuned to individual needs. A wealth of information is available such as:

  • Your body composition, i.e. all elements that make up your body weight
  • A muscle-fat analysis, i.e. the ratio of skeletal muscle mass to body fat
  • Water deposits and the ratio of water to fluids
  • Health risks: the InBody check discovers health risks early on which could lead to cardiovascular illnesses, high blood pressure or diabetes. With a targeted training plan, you can do your bit to help prevent these risks.