Individual offers

Fitness at the highest level

Individual offers

Work out on state-of-the-art equipment from Precor or get the best out of your body on the SYNRGY 360 training circuit. Our team of expert trainers made up of academic sports instructors, physiotherapists and licensed coaches will happily put together an individual training plan for you - a guarantee that you will achieve your own personal goals.

And the best possible way of rounding off your training session is to make use of the 4000 square metres of wellness, well-being and sauna facilities in the Caracalla Spa. Moreover, in the ArenaVita Wellness Oasis, which is directly accessible from the training area, you can look forward to relaxing or invigorating massages and other wellness offers.

Unique training offer

Premium fitness and a unique training experience - this is our guarantee to you in our attractive, modern premises located in the same building as the Caracalla Spa. Besides the numerous weight training machines from Kaiser, David and Cybex and a circle of varying Schwinn exercise machines, the equipment from Human Sport offer individual, functional training. Each piece of equipment has a number of cable hoists, thus providing a versatile workout programme that targets different muscle groups.

In the Cardio area which extends over two floors, the latest Precor fitness equipment is available. Each unit here is equipped with an entertainment station that will satisfy all your wishes. Individual screens allow you to choose the TV programme during your workout, read the news on the internet or select your favourite YouTube channel. Do you prefer to work out to your own music? No problem: Each device has a connection for your iPhone or iPod. If you have forgotten your headphones, you can purchase these at the ArenaVita reception. And if you want to take a quick look at your emails during a break from training, you can do this in an attractively designed lounge area where all members have free Wi-Fi access.

On the 4th floor, an effective and functional training programme is on offer with the new Synrgy360 circuit training system.

Wellness & well-being in the ArenaVita

When fitness and wellness unite and merge into one the result is ArenaVita Premium Fitness. Because here you can enjoy much more than individual training and personally supervised fitness programmes. Enjoy the comfort of our newly designed Wellness Oasis which can be accessed directly from the training area. Experienced masseurs from the CaraVitalis WellnessWorld and the ArenaVita will reward you after your training session with vitalising massages and a well-being programme attuned specifically to your needs.

You can arrange your personal wellness appointment either during your next visit or by telephoning +49 (0)72 21 27 59-75.

Being a member of the ArenaVita means a great deal more however. Depending on what membership you choose, you can make free use of the Caracalla Spa or the Friedrichsbad several times a week and can therefore enjoy the hot thermal waters swirling around your strained muscles providing you with a unique relaxation experience. In addition to this, the spacious sauna complex in the Caracalla Spa complements a training session in the ArenaVita perfectly.

Beauty Angel collagen tanning bed

To help you achieve perfect skin there is an exclusive collagen tanning bed on the 4th floor with innovative lighting applications that fulfil the desire for gentle and natural skin rejuvenation. Here, the skin cells (fibroblasts) are exposed to so-called "Beauty Light" which increases the body's production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin becomes visibly tauter and the skin's overall structure is enhanced. Short-term results:

- improves the absorption and effect of cosmetic products
- makes the skin soft and supple - boosts the self-healing process regarding impure skin
- gives the skin a more radiant and healthier appearance
- increases skin's moisture content and reduces dry areas
- sense of relaxation and well-being after the light bath.

Long-term results:
- fewer lines on the face and neckline
- pigment and liver spots fade
- reduced swelling around the eyes
- positive effects on hair growth, nails, bones and tendons
- improved muscle regenerative capacity. While many cosmetic treatments beautify the skin surface in particular, it is the red light application that strengthens and regenerates the skin tissue from the inside. In contrast to sunlight, the light from the collagen tanning bed contains practically no UV light.

See for yourself! And if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Nutritional Advice

Maintaining a balanced diet is very much a part of leading a healthy life with plenty of exercise, because only those who eat correctly can make full use of the body's energy.

For this reason, nutritional advice is offered to ArenaVita members regularly. To find out the dates when these advice sessions take place, please call +49 (0) 7221 / 27 59-75.