More inside. More for you.


With your personal chip armband, you can move around during your stay at the Caracalla Spa and in Friedrichsbad flexibly, easily and without cash and you can use all the services when you want, without any problem. The VIP-Chip is transferable and can be used by several people.

An overview of the advantages. See for yourself!

  • As a VIP-Customer, you no longer have to queue at the cash desk; you use the VIP-Entrance.
  • For VIP-Customers parking (first three hours) is free of charge when using our facilities. Moreover, it's practical: you no longer need a parking ticket - just hold your chip against the terminal when you drive in and drive out!
  • Safer than cash: if you report the loss of your VIP-Chip to us immediately, you don't lose your credit!
  • Invite your friends: if you pay for your friends using your VIP-Chip, they will also benefit from the reduced price.
  • Whether buying a snack at the SaunaBar, breakfast in the SpaRestaurant or a new bathing costume in the Caracalla Shop, with the VIP-Chip you can pay for things cash-free throughout the entire spa and you won't even have to stand at the payment machine at the end of your visit either.
  • You obtain exclusive VIP-Information about our events.

So you see, as a VIP-Customer there's more in it for you. And it's easy to use.

And the best thing…

... is having all these advantages, without having to pay any more for them. On the contrary. You will receive the following discount off the regular admission price depending upon the amount you have topped up your armband by:

  • 100 Euro top up - 13% discount in the Caracalla Spa/16% in the Friedrichsbad
  • 200 Euro top up - 15% discount in the Caracalla Spa/18% in the Friedrichsbad
  • 500 Euro top up - 17% discount in the Caracalla Spa/20% in the Friedrichsbad

You can obtain the VIP-Chip (against a deposit of 5 Euros) at the sales department of the Caracalla Spa and Friedrichsbad. More information you will find in the Online shop and under +49 (0)7221 275940.