The Roman-Irish Bath 

Experience the ultimate in Roman bathing culture combined with Irish hot-air baths here at the Friedrichsbad. Luxuriate in this exclusive bathing pleasure as you visit each of the 17 different stages. The changing temperatures and the healing thermal water in the various baths have a regenerative effect on body and soul.

The well-being that you take home with you after a visit to the Friedrichsbad and the healing benefit of its thermal water will be unforgettable, as it has been for many others for over 130 years.

Special Offers

  • Spring awakening in the Caracalla Spa and the Friedrichsbad What could be more satisfying than distancing yourself from the daily grind, letting your thoughts run free, switching your mind off completely and feeling invigorated and relaxed afterwards. Celebrate the start of spring by topping up your energy reserves in the Caracalla Spa or the...
  • Cream massage – pure luxury Treat yourself to a very special form of luxury with the eight-minute cream massage in the Friedrichsbad.
  • Bathing times We changed the bathing times in your favour: