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17 stations to enhanced wellbeing

This most enjoyable of journeys through the Friedrichsbad is modelled around 17 well-being stations. The ideal route, detailed in the diagram opposite, is as follows: shower, warm air, hot air, shower, massage, shower, steam, hot steam, full bath, whirlpool bath, exercise bath, shower, cold bath, towel down, cream application, relaxation and reading.

During the first 8 stations your body temperature will be increased slowly be means of warm and hot air. After settling it will then be brought gently back down again with the ever cooling temperatures of the individual baths. This stimulates the blood circulation in a positive way and strengthens the immune system. The procedure is also a balsam for the skin and leads to a tangible state of deep relaxation.

The soap & brush massage and the cream massage are two very special treatments in this sequence; they really should not be missed. Gently slip into another world and savour the unique, vitalizing effects of Roman-Irish bathing culture. Real luxury is being able to switch off one’s mind while enjoying a truly relaxing break. And where better than in the magnificent Friedrichsbad with its warmth and tranquillity.

Traditionally men and women bathe separately in the Friedrichsbad. On the separate bathing days men and women meet in the fascinating domed hall of the Friedrichsbad (stages 10-11). Separate days are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, mixed days Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays and public holidays.