Soothing warmth.


Where better to treat yourself to a break and recharge your batteries than in a beautiful ambience that exudes warmth and calmness. Allow yourself plenty of time and enjoy the special flair of the Roman-styled interior with its mosaics, pillars, museum artefacts and antiques.

As well as the saunas there are areas to relax in such as the Blue Space Sensory Room and the Green Room. With five different saunas, a steam bath in the indoor section and two log cabin saunas in the wonderfully relaxing atmosphere of the castle gardens, there is practically a never-ending offer of rest and relaxation for sauna visitors.

Yet more variety is provided by the different aromatic waters used to douse the hot sauna stones. And between your stints in the sauna you can enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juices or other refreshing drinks at the bar.

Spectaculum: 90°C

In the Spectaculum, the sauna experience is just as its name implies. Built as a 60m² cube, it captivates its sauna audience with its unique lighting and sound system that is used during most of the themed sauna infusions that take place there. A unique sauna experience is guaranteed!

Tip: Coincide your visit with one of our fascinating themed infusions!

Vitality Sauna: 90°C

In this sauna you can enjoy the effects of a relaxing sauna visit. Afterwards, you'll feel fit and refreshed, and your body and mind will be in harmony. This is ensured by our sauna attendant constantly changing the aromas for the sauna infusions.

Aroma-Sauna: 85°C

Let yourself be carried away to a world of fragrance. Aromas that change every day always ensure a new sauna experience. The oils are heated with water in a copper chamber and released into the air. The colour-changing lighting of the sauna supports and reinforces the relaxation process and leads you to experience unimaginable physical and mental relaxation.

Meditation-Sauna: 65°C

This sauna is the perfect place to relax with its pleasantly low temperature and warm, comfortable lighting. It is easy to relax when surrounded by twittering birds, the calming sound of the sea and other sounds of nature. At the end you will feel as though you have spent a day in the open air

Sanarium: 57°C

For those who find the classical sauna too hot or too dry, why not try the Sanarium which is the ideal alternative. With temperatures of approx. 57°C and a regulated maximum humidity of 55%, this is a particularly beneficial way for helping you to relax and feel good. As an added bonus, the Sanarium also improves and purifies your skin.

The changing colours of the lighting in this sauna will increase your mental and physical well-being. Each colour has a special effect on your body. Try it out!

Steam Room: 47°C

The steam room creates a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation. The 100% air humidity and the pleasant temperature of 47°C offer an ideal climate to boost your personal well-being.

Ladies' Sauna: 90°C

Wednesday is Girls' Day!

The sauna is part of daily life in Scandinavian countries. It is a place where people meet to converse and chat. Why not do the same! The meditation sauna is reserved exclusively for ladies on Wednesdays. You can relax here with friends, completely forget your daily routine and find yourself feeling relaxed and revived.

Fire Sauna: 95°C

A rustic sauna atmosphere awaits spa-goers in the log cabin saunas made of kelo wood. The wood, which comes from Finnish polar pine trees, has a unique scent and turns a visit to the sauna into an incomparable experience.

As the logs in the Fire Sauna burn and crackle, they re-create the ancient ambience and romance of a real Finnish campfire. A large glass panel in front of the fire allow the sauna users to watch the flaming logs, enhancing the cosy atmosphere.

Forest Sauna: 85°C

A rustic sauna atmosphere awaits spa-goers in the log cabin saunas made of kelo wood. The wood, which comes from Finnish polar pine trees, has a unique scent and turns a visit to the sauna into an incomparable experience.

In the Forest Sauna, we combine the most modern techniques effectively with the attractive look of traditional wrought-iron work. The MAXIMUS oven offers, apart from its warming function, spectacular and intensive sauna infusions. Water and stones are illuminated during the dousing process, optically boosting the relaxing effect. You will experience total well-being which will touch all the senses and make the visit to the sauna an extraordinary experience.